Design wanted!

We invite you to design a Limited Edition soulbottle 1,0 liter with the motto “RETHINK & RESET”, showing us how you bring self-care into your daily life.

It’s often the little things that define our lives and ensure that we feel good and stay well. But when we’re stressed, it’s exactly those things that can frequently be forgotten. When that happens, it’s time to rethink what we’re doing, slow down a bit, and find ourselves again. Taking time-out for body, mind and soul – be it a short break or a longer one – boosts our well-being. How do you integrate self-care into your everyday life? How do you manage to preserve your well-being?

The prize:

3 x 2 packs of RINGANA DRINKS of your choice
+ 3 RINGANA soulbottles in your personal design

On Top: The Limited Edition will be available in our shop


If you take care of the small things, the big things take care of themselves. 
-Emily Dickinson-



Where, how & when?

Here you will find the schedule of the Design Contest and the most important dates.

Submit Design

05.06. - 28.06.2021


02.07. - 12.07.2021

Winner is elected




Choose your favourite

Voting* will start from 02 July 2021. The voting is done according to the Hot or Not principle.
You choose from randomly selected design pairs which one you like better.


*All designs that meet the conditions of participation and the specifications, pick up on the motto "RETHINK & RESET" and fulfil the criteria for printing are now ready for voting.



And the winner is...

Charging Energy