Terms and conditions

  • The RINGANA Soulbottle design competition runs from 05/06/2021, 14:00 until 20/07/2021, 23:59. Participants can send in their designs from 05/06/2021, 14:00 until 28/06/2021, 23:59. The final deadline is therefore 28/06/2021, 23:59. The designs submitted can be voted for from 02/07/2021 to 12/07/2021, 23:59. The panel will make its decision and name a winner between 13/07/2021 and 20/07/2021, 23:59. All times are stated in Central European Time (CET).

  • Participation involves producing a design for a glass drink bottle and submitting it via the appropriate online application in one of the formats specified there. The design will be posted online once the requirements listed below are met. All mandatory details in the application must be completed in full and truthfully and submitted online. Each participant must only submit one design. Unfortunately, designs sent by post or email cannot be considered. Designs sent after the closing deadline will also not be accepted.
  • The submitted designs will be posted online if they meet the following requirements: The design drafts must use the specified colour codes (if indicated), have a reference to the motto RETHINK & RESET, and show how self-care can be integrated into everyday life, as well as including the RINGANA logo.
  • Designs that breach current law (especially copyright law), are not permissible and will be disqualified and deleted if necessary. The same applies for all offensive, racist, violent, derogatory, sexual or discriminatory content of any other nature. Designs of the previously mentioned content will be disqualified and deleted. Any designs that contravene criminal law will be reported.
  • It is not possible for RINGANA GmbH to check the submitted designs for legal infringements (especially in relation to copyright law). It is the sole responsibility of the participant to only submit designs that are free from third-party rights and the participant undertakes not to breach any third-party rights. The participant also expressly guarantees that the submitted design (including all the elements contained therein) is free from third-party rights, that no personality rights are infringed upon if persons are represented and that the unimpeded exclusive exercise of rights of use, including further assignment to RINGANA GmbH and third parties, is not affected. The design must originate from the participant themselves and must neither have been published nor recognised with an award in the past. Logos or designs from existing or planned companies or organisations are not allowed. If third parties assert claims against RINGANA GmbH based on the design submitted by the participant, regardless of the legal basis, the respective participant shall indemnify RINGANA GmbH against this. This also covers costs in relation to legal disputes.

  • By participating in the competition, the participant assigns all rights of use and transferable rights under copyright law to RINGANA GmbH and soulproducts GmbH without charge and without restriction in terms of place, time, content, and purpose, regardless of their legal basis and also assigns exclusive rights (of use) for future as yet unknown types of use for the design they have created. This includes in particular, comprehensive and exclusive rights of use, including all rights to ideas, drafts and designs with particular reference to rights of duplication, distribution, broadcast, provision, rental, hiring and resale, and the right to public playback.  The right to be identified as the author is expressly waived. In the event of restructurings or takeovers, these legal claims shall be transferred to the legal successors of RINGANA GmbH and soulproducts GmbH. RINGANA GmbH can transfer all rights (of use) to third parties. The types of use granted also include the following in particular, but not exclusively:
    • the right to sell drink bottles in the design created by the participant
    • the right to duplication, distribution, exhibition, performance and presentation in all types of media as well as online
    • the right to print (including in part)
    • the right to other forms of reproduction, particularly through photo-mechanical or similar processes
    • the right to reproduction on image media and the right to duplication, distribution and reproduction, in digital and analogue forms
    • the right to store the work in a database (including online) and to exploit it
    • the right to edit or redesign.
  • The drafts of the participants who do not win the competition will be deleted four weeks after the participation deadline (cf. also point 16).

  • RINGANA GmbH accepts no liability for the loss of or any damage to the submitted designs.

  • Only natural persons of at least 18 years of age and with their main residence and a valid postal address in a Member State of the European Union or Switzerland are entitled to take part in this competition. Legal representatives and employees of RINGANA GmbH are excluded from participating as are all persons involved in running the competition as well as the family members of the previously mentioned persons. Participants in the competition must have an email address. The use of multiple email addresses or Facebook accounts to increase chances of winning is not allowed. Each participant can only enter one design.

  • Participation in the competition is free of charge and independent of the purchase of goods and services.
    Every visitor to the website can vote for their favourite design. Votes on the designs submitted will be taken into consideration in the panel’s decision. All design proposals will be presented to the panel, who will then choose the winner of the competition. The panel will name a winner by 20/07/2021, 23:59.

  • The winner of the competition will receive three glass bottles with their own design and also 3 x 2 packs of RINGANA DRINKS of their choice. The prize cannot be transferred or exchanged. The prize cannot be redeemed for cash. The panel’s decision is final. The winner will be informed by email within three working days after the panel have voted. If the winner does not reply within five working days after being informed by telephone (+43 (0) 3332 61550*) or email (office@ringana.com), RINGANA GmbH reserves the right to choose a different winner.

  • The participant is themselves responsible for ensuring that any contact details provided are correct. If the non-cash prize cannot be correctly assigned during the course of the competition due to incorrect details having been provided, the participant will lose their claim to the prize.

  • RINGANA GmbH is permitted to contact the winner by email in order to inform them about the win and to send their prizes.
  • RINGANA GmbH is permitted to inform all participants by email that their design has arrived and of any changes that need to be made for their submission to be successful.

  • The organiser and responsible party for this competition is RINGANA GmbH, RINGANA Campus A 1, 8295 St. Johann

  • RINGANA GmbH reserves the right to exclude participants that contravene the terms of participation or attempt to influence the competition through technical manipulation. Should the winner be excluded from the competition, prizes can also be retroactively retracted and the return thereof requested.

  • Data protection: The personal data collected in connection with this competition is collected, processed and used by RINGANA GmbH for the purposes of running the competition and dispatching any prizes to winners taking into account data protection provisions. The participant expressly declares that they consent to this. The collected data is stored on servers of the appointed company soulproducts GmbH (Volkmarstraße 1-7, 12099 Berlin) within the scope of the intended purpose described above and deleted from these servers four weeks after the participation deadline. Participants have the following rights with regard to the processing of their data: the right to be informed, the right to rectification, the right to erasure, the right to restrict processing, the right to data portability and the right to object.
  • By taking part in the competition, the participant agrees to the content of these terms of participation. The participant also agrees that the submitted designs can be published on the [website, social media platform] for the purposes of announcing the winners.

  • The participant has no legal claims arising from their participation in the competition, with particular reference to claims for remuneration.

  • The participant affirms that they have taken note of the terms of participation and that all details provided by the participant during the course of the competition reflect the truth.

Final provisions
Austrian law shall apply exclusively. The place of jurisdiction for all legal disputes is the competent court in the area in which the company is based. The terms of participation, including the procedural organisation of the design competition are the final rules for the competition and there are no ancillary agreements. Should any individual provisions be or become invalid, whether in part or in full, the validity of the remaining terms of participation shall remain unaffected by this. In place of the invalid provisions, replacement provisions that come closest to the purpose of the invalid provisions will be agreed in good faith. The panel’s decision is final.

Responsible party for this competition: RINGANA GmbH 
Address: RINGANA Campus A 1, 8295 St. Johann 
Telephone: +43 (0) 3332 61550* 
Email: office@ringana.com